Cat (bonecat) wrote in pagan_academics,

CCPS Topics

It's time once again for me to decide on topics for CCPS. I want to get the call for papers out in the next 3 or 4 weeks. This year I decided to ask for some suggestions from you guys.

The Consultation on Contemporary Pagan Studies has submitted its call already, so I want to avoid duplicating or overlapping with that. Here is the text of the call:
"Proposals are invited on: 1) international approaches to quantifying numbers and demographics of Pagan practitioners, from census results or other data gathering techniques; 2) “believing” vs. “belonging” in contemporary Pagan communities; 3)contemporary Paganism in Eastern Europe (for a possible joint session with New Religious Movements). We also welcome proposals on all aspects of the study of contemporary Paganism."

So, any suggestions on what CCPS can focus on this year? Once I get some from you guys I'll post about me own thoughts, then work out a final focus.
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