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2005 Conference on Contemporary Pagan Studies

Call For Papers

Revisioning the Past:
Reconstructionism, Revitalization and Ethnicity

This year we will be focusing on contemporary Pagans who base their religiosity specifically on the religious and social forms of a particular cultural and/or historical group. In some instances this will be in an effort to recover and revitalize a past that is directly linked to the place and culture in which the individual lives. In other cases the group that the Pagan attempts to emulate and reconstruct will have no direct link to individual genetic or cultural heritage.
In either case the issues surrounding attempts to reconstruct what was done in past times and make that reconstruction a living, vital religiosity are an important part of our understanding of how contemporary Paganism functions in the modern world.
We invite papers on issues directly related to how Pagans reconstruct an idealized past in their current religiosity and on larger issues such as cultural appropriation and reliance on possibly skewed historical and anthropological models. Our hope is to generate an in-depth discussion of how the issues surrounding reconstructionist Pagans and their groups relate to the broader world of contemporary Pagan religions and to the modern world as a whole.
Proposals for papers should be submitted on-line. This is a change from previous years. Please go to to submit your proposal and for more information on the proposal process. We have changed the submission process in order to institute a blind review of proposals. This is the only way for us to receive proposals and not see the identifying information until the final decisions have been made.
The deadline for proposals is April 15, 2005. This is after the date when AAR program units are required to notify those who have made proposals if they are accepted or not. Thus, you can submit a proposal to AAR and if it is not accepted you still have time to submit it to CCPS.
Last year we had twice as many submissions as we had open slots, so make sure you are clear about your topic and send us your best proposal. All presenters who are accepted will be expected to submit their paper by Oct. 1, 2005 for review by possible respondents. We are hoping to group the papers into topics this year and have a respondent for each topic.
All proposals will be reviewed in a blind process. The reviewers will not see any of your identifying information. Once the decisions have been made the identifying information will be pulled in and everyone will be emailed about the decisions.
If you have any questions you can email Cat McEarchern at
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